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Marguerite Gérard 1761-1837

Marguerite Gérard 1761-1837
Carole Blumenfeld

23 × 28 cm à la française
280 pages
Nombre d’illustrations : 309
Papier : couché demi mat 170 g
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One of the most accomplished and interesting artists of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Marguerite Gérard has been unjustly neglected by art historians, who have tended to view her merely as the sister-in-law and pupil of the more illustrious Fragonard. This monograph traces the exceptional life of an independent woman who forged an outstanding career for herself. Choosing to follow a professional path that was resolutely opposed to those of her predecessors Élisabeth Vigée-Le Brun and Adélaïde Labille-Guiard, both Academicians, Gérard displayed a unique awareness of the potential offered by intimist portraits and scenes from daily life for engagement in public debate. The commitment to female emancipation that is evident in her work makes her one of the most astute contemporary guides to the radical changes in French political, social and cultural life and attitudes from the end of Louis XVI’s reign to the July Monarchy.
The first work to be dedicated exclusively to Marguerite Gérard, this volume presents a complete catalogue raisonné of her paintings, supported by numerous hitherto unpublished documentary sources, and introduced by a penetrating and detailed analysis of the development of her remarkable career.
Carole Blumenfeld is a Research Associate at the Palais Fesch-Musée des Beaux-Arts in Ajaccio. She holds a doctorate in art history and is a former fellow of the Académie de France in Rome.

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